Summer is upon us and we’d like to announce our next two releases:


EMA 21: Hi Pitch Derek – Interruption
The 22 people who purchased his first EP will be pleased to know this second EP is another helping of what this young critter does best: make quiet, high pitch, piercing noises.  We’re aiming to sell 25 copies of this to help boost his self-esteem.


EMA 22: Warm Silence – Variables
For the daring people who took advantage of the free download, we offer up a full length recording of Warm Silence’s latest work. Once again capturing the daring tundra of Ferndale, MI. Warm Silence is taking it to the streets with a vengeance, a field recorder and a special delay patch on a laptop.  While supplies last!

As always you can purchase these directly from us. Later this summer, look out for the release of CD Player Virgins, a new joint by Rob Theakston, possibly some stuff from Off The Sky, maybe something from Walter Carson. Who knows?