EMA038: Field Recordings

EMA 038: Rob Theakston – Field Recordings 2002-2010
Previously released long out of print field recordings of such exotic locales as Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Plymouth, Detroit, Windsor and new territories and field recordings from the horse capital of the world. Remastered with loving care. Limited edition of 20.

EMA039: Silverware
EMA 039: Silverware – Silverware
We are as pleased as possible to present to you Silverware, the debut mini-LP from Lexington’s hypertalented Ainsley Wagoner. First fell in love with Silverware from a composition on the most excellent Resonant Hole compilation, and incessantly demanded a finished project. Several months, a trip to Europe, a baby and everything else later, we’re pleased to offer up this haunting, simply sensational recording of chilling folk songs. Easily one of our favorite releases in the whole catalog, and our most popular seller to date. Unlimited Edition.