Happy Spring.  Soon we shall be turning one year old.

Out now:

EMA 13 – Warm Silence – EP
EMA 14 – American Miyake
EMA 15 – American Miyake II (EP)
EMA 17 – Hi Pitch Derek : Actor I-VII (EP)
EMA 18-  Todd Osborn: Components

Out Soon:

EMA 16 – CD Player Virgins:  Complete Works
EMA 21 – Hi Pitch Derek : Interruption
EMA 22 – Warm Silence : Variables


We are honored to present a release by Todd Osborn.

Components is a suite of instrumental piano compositions stylistically different from one another, yet distinctly uniform as a whole body of work. It’s another chapter in the versatile genius of Osborn’s truly original, truly distinctive creative spirit and body of work.

EMA 13 Warm Silence – EP
Debut project from Warm Silence from Ferndale, Michigan
Free Download


We are proud to present the debut recording of Hi Pitch Derek. A 17 year old from California, these are the first in a forthcoming series of compositions entitled “Actor”. Each track a homage of celebrating an actor or actress of the silver screen, Derek takes raw samples from vintage movies and celebrates them in a way uniquely his own.

EMA12: Rob Theakston Six Proofs

First full length project. Recorded in Lexington Kentucky, March 2008.

1. Direction
2. Intone
3. Six Proofs

EMA 03: Golfing With Taku Sugimoto

Taku Sugimoto’s reinvention of improvisation and guitar methodology ranks as some of the most daring of the past two decades. This disc long improvisation piece is based on these methods and a fantasy of how the guitarist would approach the game of golf.

We are regrettably out of stock at the moment.